The Original Ballet Strap

What if you could stretch beyond your limitations?

Whether you dance, practice yoga, or play golf, you know that strength and flexibility are critically important elements in athletic performance.

The Ballet Strap and Ballet Strap Pro are designed to support optimal flexibility and strength in dancers, gymnasts, and others athletes who strive for personal best.

Lightweight and extremely durable, Ballet Strap is created using highest quality materials with proven durability over time and with extended use.

Find your Competitive Edge…

Building strength and mobility takes time, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

With regular use, The Ballet Strap and Ballet Strap Pro can help you achieve the benefits of maximum flexibility at home or in the studio.

Use the Ballet Strap for warming up or stretching during yoga, pilates, dance and other sports that demand core strength, good range of motion and extreme flexibility. For dancers, regular use of the Ballet Strap and Ballet Strap Pro can also help with turn out.

Our Instructional Videos show you how to use the Ballet Strap and Ballet Strap Pro to achieve your overall fitness goals … and bring you to a place of optimal strength and flexibility.

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